Products and Services

We offer integral solutions for materials and critical infrastructure physical security.

Site Characterization

Based on the materials and operations performed, we establish the security level needed. Subsequently, we determine what the security objective should be for the physical security’s specific program.

Design and installation of physical security systems

In line with the established security objective, we design and install the appropriate level of countermeasures required to deter, detect, delay and respond to the identified risk.

Development of procedures and security plans

We elaborate operational procedures and security plans that must be applied for the execution of the physical security program according to the national regulations and international recommendations that may apply.

Education and Training

We train our client’s personnel in the optimal use of equipment, application of procedures, and record processing, with the goal of demonstrating compliance with the country’s regulations and promoting the security culture.

For our Spanish-speaking audience, we have an educational portal focused on the physical security of radioactive materials:

Preparation of documents for regulatory purposes

We prepare documents related to physical security that must be presented for the authorization processes, and we help you prepare for regulatory authorization inspections, oversight, and controls.

Management of high activity disused radioactive sources.

GSS has a technical team specialized in regulatory practices and safe management of radioactive waste for the execution of these types of projects.

Securing Radiological Sources on the Go

The Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed and licensed a technology system to keep track of and secure radiological material on the road or at job sites. Golden Security Services produces and deploys the Mobile Source Transit Security, or MSTS, system for the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Preventive and corrective maintenance services

We provide the most advanced and complete preventive and corrective maintenance service for physical security systems installed in facilities that operate or store radioactive materials.

Event logistics

GSS has fourteen years of experience in event logistics. We specialize in local transport, lodging, seminar coordination, workshops, practical exercises, and events. Our team of experts works with our clients to define the perfect place and occasion, as well as the best and most cost-effective option for printing and distribution of visual material, sound, simultaneous translation, invitation management and registry, local transport coordination, and per-diem management.


Our consulting services are designed to offer solutions in all aspects related to your installation’s physical security. Our consultants have the experience to resolve concrete aspects, including all those that hinder the efficiency of security systems. As a complement to our consulting services, we offer permanent attention in advisory services that allow you to apply the concept of continuous improvement for your systems.

Extended guarantee

This service, unique to GSS, extends the warranty provided by the manufacturer of security systems and equipment after the first year, to provide ease that its systems will always be operating adequately.


We use the necessary measures to protect the information that is produced at the time of the assessment or audit. In addition, we protect the information of computer systems in the network, used for monitoring and follow up of the security protocols.

Remote Assessment and Assurance

We use registration tools, videoconferences, digital applications, and robust check lists to guarantee the same effectiveness and rigorous follow up offered by an in-person visit. These tools allow us to assess the equipment, procedures, documentation, protocols, and security culture of the installations.

Security improvements

We provide, install, and configure physical and electronic security systems to protect, in a cost-effective manner, materials and critical installations.

Civil work

We provide and install physical barriers to protect high-hazard assets. Some of these works include, among others, the construction of security bunkers, installation of bullet-proof glass, and installation of reinforced physical doors and barriers.

Vehicle for the safe transport of radioactive materials

GSS manufactures vehicles especially designed to transport category 1, 2, and 3 sealed sources. These vehicles can be used in short routine trips or in efforts to consolidate large-scale sources. This vehicle, patented by our subsidiary company in Colombia, combines the compartmentalized and portable storage installation, integrated hardware and software, and a crane arm that together create the most advanced and autonomous vehicle for a safe radiological transport.

Bunkers for secure storage

GSS has built and assured multiple storage installations for critical materials in Latin America, Central Asia, and the Caribbean. We offer personalized solutions with high quality standards that satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients 100%.


The RMSe integrates equipment and systems in an accessible and immediate manner, which complement the mission of initiatives focused on the reduction of radiological risk. The RMSe integrates, with the help of engineering, different electronic security equipment and other specialized sensors, such as radiation sensors and modified and supervised radiofrequency loops.

Compartmentalized and portable installation of storage (PSF)

We offer safe and portable storage for critical materials. In its interior, the PSE is divided into two main areas: the storage area and the equipment chamber. The equipment chamber – with patented design – allows the operators to manage all the functionalities, as well as all the security and protection factors, without the need to access the main storage area.

Monitoring sources

We have a group of technicians specialized in regulatory practice and license concession processes for these sources. Additionally, we have access to international agencies and programs that, depending on the availability of resources, could subsidize the cost of these sources.

Radio-isotopic technology replacement

GSS is the leader in process management for the replacement of radio-isotopic irradiators for those which operate based on viable non-radio isotopic technologies. GSS is in charge of everything: from the attainment of funds needed for the replacement, to the operation to remove the current source and install the new technology.

Review the conditions and fill out the form for the technology replacement HERE

Sale of personal dosimeters

Inspect and verify in a reliable manner, the radiation dose received by your personnel during a determined period of time, complying with the radiation dose levels considered safe, according to the standards defined by the OIEA

Repair of radiation detectors

We repair multiple brands and models of radiation detectors, once they are found to be outside their manufacturer’s warranty.