Thousands of radioactive sources secured around the world

Comprehensive solutions for the physical security of radioactive sources
Site Characterization

Based on the sources and operations performed, we establish the category of your installation and the necessary security level. We then determine what the security objective should be for their physical security program.

Design and installation of physical security systems

In line with the established security objective, we design and install the appropriate level of countermeasures required to deter, detect, delay and respond to the identified risk.

Development of procedures

We formulate operational procedures and security plans that must be applied for the execution of the physical security program, according to the applicable national regulations.  

Education and Training

We train your personnel in the optimal utilization of equipment, application of procedures, and processing of records, in order to demonstrate compliance with country regulations and promote security culture.   

Preparation of documents for regulatory purposes

We prepare documents related to physical security that must be presented for the authorization processes, and we help you prepare for regulatory authorization inspections, oversight, and controls.

Management of high activity disused radioactive sources.

GSS has a technical team specialized in regulatory practices and safe management of radioactive waste for the execution of these types of projects. 

Monitoring and tracking

GSS has the technology and experience necessary to know where the source is located at every moment and coordinate an effective response in case of an emergency.  

Preventive and corrective maintenance services

We provide the most advanced and complete preventive and corrective maintenance service for physical security systems installed in facilities that operate or store radioactive materials.  

Event logistics

GSS has fourteen years of experience in event logistics. We specialize in local transport, lodging, seminar coordination, workshops, practical exercises, and events. Our team of experts works with our clients to define the perfect place and occasion, as well as the best and most cost-effective option for printing and distribution of visual material, sound, simultaneous translation, invitation management and registry, local transport coordination, and per-diem management.

Compartmentalized portable storage facility

Safely store and transport categories 1, 2, and 3 sealed sources. Inside, the CPSF is divided into two main areas: the storage area and the equipment room. This patent pending design, allows operators to manage all the CPSF’s functionalities, as well as all the security and protection systems from the equipment room, without the need to access the main storage area. 

Standalone monitoring unit

The GSS Standalone Monitoring Unit is the most advanced tool to mitigate the insider threat. The SMU integrates affordable and readily available in-country equipment and systems. The SMU is engineered integrating different electronic security equipment and other specialized sensors, such as Radiation Sensors and wireless RF supervised tamper loops.

Vehicle for secure radiological transport

The vehicle for secure radiological transport is especially designed and built to transport sealed category 1, 2, and 3 sources. It can be used in short routine trips or in large scale consolidation efforts throughout the country.


The VTRS combines the patent pending CPSF, and a truck with improved security, integrated software and hardware, and an arm crane. Together, these devices create the most advanced and autonomous vehicle for secure radiological transport.

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